Quality and environment

Quality - Environment System Manual

The FARID European Group, which includes Farid Industrie S.p.A (with the plants in Vinovo and Besana), Farid Hillend Engineering Ltd (plant in Scotland), Farid de Venezuela CA, Farid Comercia SRO, Farid Suisse SA, Farid France SAS, corporate aims are:

- to be profitable

- to provide reliable products, respecting the environment and the health and safety of the workplace

- to provide excellent services to its customers with value for money

- though its stakeholders to respect the environment

- based on a single integrated organisation

- achieved through developing skilled personnel that are proud to be part of it


In order to create value it is necessary that the objectives agreed in the budget are met.

The Guideline of the FARID European Group is the achievement of adequate profitability in the long term. We especially want to achieve quicker decisions and related implementation and to take care of product and structure costs by minimizing waste, increasing production efficiency, reducing absenteeism below benchmark parameters and to always maximise production capacity to reduce factory hourly cost.

Which provides reliable products, respecting the environment and the health and safety of the workplace

We desire that our products are recognised among the most reliable in the industry thus meeting the needs of our customers, while keeping the focus on the technological innovation and the market thus ensuring a good performance comparable to the excellence of the competition. We want to define methods and technologies to measure the reliability and its enhancement. We want to manage with specific care strategic suppliers, taking care of their development. We aim to operate in compliance with the applicable environmental requirements of health and safety at work, in particular to pursue the reduction of environmental impact in the consumption of energy and water resources, with constant attention to the emissions into the atmosphere of our plants and to the reduction of waste production thus minimizing and eliminating, where possible, the greatest risks generated by our production processes

Which provides excellent services

We want to excel in all the services related to our products, specifically developing the activities related to the provision of spare parts, the service network in Italy and above all, the customer care and the planned maintenance contracts worldwide.

…to its end customers

All our customers are important. We concentrate our focus on our users and suppliers of equipment and services. We also consider our distributors and our authorised workshops as integral to the organisation.

…with value for money

We strive to succeed by selling our products and services for what they are worth whilst taking into account economic factors. The prices depend on the characteristics of the different markets and on our current and predicted future position within them. We want to improve the professionalism of our service technicians in finding and solving issues, which will help us to minimise and guarantee maintenance costs. We want to focus even more on the product lifecycle whole of life costs.

Which respects the environment involving the stakeholders

We want to adopt and support the dissemination among our stakeholders of correct behaviours in order to achieve our objectives whilst integrating the environmental management in all company processes in the development of a long term sustainable business. We want to use in the most efficient manner natural resources and energy and ensure that all employees are involved and made aware of their responsibilities about the environmental results; and we aim to establish an open and transparent dialogue with all stakeholders

Through a single integrated organisation

We are a single organisation with a single management structure operating with clear objectives shared by everyone. It includes managers and all the employees of Farid Industrie (in all Plants, Service Centres and detached sites), its affiliates, its subsidiaries, its distributors and its authorised workshops.

Made of skilled persons, proud to be part of it

We are aware that any company activity represents the sum of great teamwork and we want the company results to be shared with the management and all our employees.

We want all collaborators of the organisation to become skilled persons - proud of being part of it.

The attention of the FARID European Group to the issues of quality is not limited to the application of rules, concepts in the organisational and productive area, but also to the dissemination of the issues of quality through the personal commitment of its employees. We are committed to define ambitious objectives, always measurable and known to all.