Farid Hillend Engineering Limited

History of Farid Hillend Engineering

In 1992 Farid branded products entered the UK market through a joint venture between its founder and Farid Industrie of Italy, trading as Farid Municipal Vehicles Limited. 

The business was established and located in Arundel, West Sussex and began to assemble, market and sell Farid equipments designed for refuse collection and recycling collection vehicles into UK and Ireland. The Arundel site is now a centre of excellence for after sales service of Farid Hillend Engineering products and service and refurbishment of customer vehicles.

With further organic growth and expansion, in 2001, the Farid European Group purchased outright the interest in the business for it to become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Farid European Group.

In August 2008, to recognise that the UK is now a division of one of the largest European manufacturers of waste management equipments, the company changed its name to Farid UK Limited.

After purchasing the manufacturing plant in Hillend in January 2013 and acquiring the sole rights to the Heil product in the UK and Europe the new company Heil Farid European Company Limited was formed.

The acquisition agreement obtained by Farid European Group on behalf of the Heil Farid European Company Limited allowed the retention of the Heil company name and logo for a four year period. Effective from 1st January 2017, the evolution ended with the company being renamed Farid Hillend Engineering Limited.

Now and for the future, with a recognised depth of manufacturing experience and knowledge of RCV user requirements that is second to none, Farid Hillend Engineering Limited is fully committed to continuing to provide the premier class of product (PowerLink, TwinTrak, Big Bite – rear loaders and Euro Half Pack – front loaders) and customer service for which its reputation has evolved over the last century.