The rear compactor T2 represents the product of the highest range of rear compactors manufactured by Farid. This compactor uses the best technical swinging link compaction solutions available in the industry. The result is a compactor with top-of-the-range performance, associated with a great reliability and robustness of each item, with a modern and functional design. In the T2 compactor the packing of the waste is realised through a specific low friction mechanism, based on pairs of connecting rods and swing link components, which allow rotating motion of the sweep plate without sliding elements inside guides. This solution thus increases the packing capacity of the vehicle, enabling a better distribution of the refuse inside the body during packing, improving the loading capacity and the volume available in the loading hopper. The mechanism is completed by a classic compaction plate that has rotating motion which achieves the optimal packing of the refuse within the body. The ejection plate during unloading of waste operates efficiently, moving on classic side guides made of anti-wear steel. During unloading, the ejection plate protrudes by 150mm from the rear of the body, so as to ensure the total expulsion of refuse. The high volume of the hopper makes T2 particularly suitable for collections of bulky and/or industrial waste. The T2 compactor uses a large proportion of standard Farid options, specific for large size rear compactors, such as its bin lifter, robust and with high performance characteristics. Also, other loading systems, such as cranes and skip loaders, etc.

Key Benefits

- Large hopper available, especially suitable for industrial collections.
- Curved base to facilitate the storage and collection of liquids.
- Packing system with connecting rods and swinging link, without movements on vertical guides which allow a perfect "load distribution" of the material in the body.
- Modern aesthetics with functionality and safety in mind with the means of highest performance available on the market.
- Perfect synthesis between consolidated solutions and innovation: speed - high payload - modularity - control - efficiency - duration.
- Connections in Can Bus logic with automotive components.
- Electro-proportional electronics with smooth, controlled movements.
- Interchangeable electronic cards.
- Elevators of the Farid range.
- Top class speed associated with smooth, controlled movements and great operational quietness.


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