The new Farid rear loader T1 PLUS represents the perfect combination between experience and innovation in the choice of materials, electronics and hydraulic components. The model T1 is one of the most popular refuse compactors in Europe and ensures a high level of performance, versatility, operational efficiency and durability. An extremely modern and high-performance electronic system based on CanBus protocols, a completely redesigned software, allow the range T1 PLUS to respect all the safety rules in force, optimising operational and control functions. The model T1 PLUS represents an evolution of a historic new Farid equipment, in terms both of aesthetics and of production processes. A new under body subchassis super structure allows an easy fit onto all the chassis cabs available on the market and easier application of many third-party optional solutions, without the need of cutting and welding. On the tailgate it is possible to fit a range of bin lifters, either comb lifts manufactured by Farid, or, alternative third party fully automatic bin lift solutions available. Modern proportional hydraulics allow full safety performance, complete with smooth and controlled movements, which ensure a long life of the equipment and components parts. The new electronic cards used, common to other Farid equipment of the PLUS family, comply with the most robust automotive logics. Their interchangeability and commonality allow for minimised stock of spare parts. T1 PLUS features extreme versatility, allowing the easy application of several operating systems, such as automatic and semi-automatic bin lifters, two or four chain skip loaders, cranes placed on the tailgate, or, on the roof of the equipment. There is the possibility to operate the equipment safely from within the vehicle cab the different combinations of compaction pressures and speeds of the bin lifter, thus allowing the equipment to adapt to different types of wastes being collected, so as to achieve maximum operating efficiency. There is also a special option version available, equipped with electric PTO, to ensure even in this environmentally friendly configuration delivers high performance

Key Benefits

- There is perfect synthesis between consolidated solutions and innovation: speed - high payload - modularity - control - efficiency - duration.
- Connections in Can Bus logic communicate with other automotive components.
- Extreme versatility and modularity, thanks to a complete range of solutions and options.
- Precise control, via onboard interface of operational and maintenance functions.
- Functional, sturdy structure.
- Curved base and body floor to facilitate the storage and capture of liquids.


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