SLF, distributed exclusively by Farid on the Italian market, represents a modern and high performance solution of automatic equipment with gripper designed for bin collection.
The speed of the gripping assembly handling cycle has been optimized thanks to the software and the use of proportional hydraulics that allow to achieve always the best emptying time for each type of container handled, while ensuring extreme quietness and comfort for the operator.
The design choice was to use devices and components that are designed to fulfil this purpose – such as variable delivery pumps, modulated movements, absence of impacts and position control – determine additional economic benefits directly quantifiable on the operating costs of the equipment, fewer faults on the containers handled and increased efficiency of the operator. The lifting system adapts with ease to different types of bins, without causing damage and positioning them on ground in compliance with the different positions. The gripping assembly is composed of a single extraction side exit guide, a tipping device and a gripper for bins coupling. The group is designed to allow the gripper, which starts from the bottom, a more natural and effective coupling of the container, as well as a considerable safety, in all the phases of the loading/unloading cycle of the bin; that is particularly effective in operations of centring, gripping, lifting and repositioning on ground of the container.

Key Benefits

- Extremely compact means, suitable also to situations of difficult accessibility (old town areas).
- High container collection speed, associated with a great quietness.
- Easy and instant control of gripping and automatic unloading of the bin with perfect repositioning.
- Focus on quietness (proportional system) and comfort of the operator.
- Reduced maintenance and service efficiency guaranteed over time.
- Good distribution of the load across all axles and the within GVW.


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