The side bin washer CW-SL represents the synthesis between the multiyear experience of FARID in side and rear container washing equipment. Its peculiar, high-performance container handling system is based on a hydraulic actuator, which represents the most characterizing element of its FMO side range. The result achieved is that of a sturdy reliable bin washer, with performance significantly above those of competitors, with an internal washing system with rotating heads, actuated by onboard hydraulics (and not thanks to the pressure of the washing water).
The heart of the washing system is the special high-performance hydraulic pump, provided with ceramic cylinders, that is able to reach 180 bar during operation. The external wash is instead realized by means of nozzles mounted on racks in stainless steel AISI 304, which are capable of achieving a precise washing, without unnecessary waste of water. The tank can be requested in two different volumes (5200 and 6200 litres) and is completely made in stainless steel with inner baffles. A part of the tank is intended for collecting the dirty water produced by washing.
The wash chamber is in aluminium, in order to reduce the total weight of the vehicle, yet guaranteeing the absence of oxidations. Access is easy through a side door, by means of specific side hatch to the wash chamber for check and internal cleaning operations. The equipment is equipped with programmable logic controls in the cab, constituted by console with monitor and control joysticks. The equipment is capable of handling containers of the side range (EN12574) and containers conforming to the standard EN840, equipped with DIN trunnions. Even if the characteristics of the bin washer CW-SL by Farid enable to achieve high quality wash results even resorting to cold water only, a hot water version, with burner and boiler, is available.

Key Benefits

- Safe to use in full compliance with the Machinery Directive and the reference standards.
- High wash speed thanks to the special handling geometry and to the balance between handling and wash times.
- Overall robustness, combined with a low weight.
- Operating quietness thanks to smooth operation of the moving parts.
- Compact size of the fitted vehicle.
- 5200 litres and 6200 litres versions with cold water, with option for hot water.
- Possibility of adjusting the wash times and the amount of water used.
- Wash of side containers (EN12574) and containers according to standard EN840 equipped with DIN trunnions.


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