The bin washer CW-RL represents a modern robotised system for washing rear loading bins/containers that ensures the internal and external wash of containers equipped with a comb (EN840) or DIN arms. The high-pressure pump, designed to operate under adverse operating conditions such as those of a bin washer, ensures a flow rate of 61 lit/min and 150 bar working pressure. Internal washing is carried out by two rotating heads, with hydrokinetic motion, each of which is equipped with 3 nozzles, which are able to realize a conical shaped wash flow, without unnecessary waste of water. The heads, via hydraulic cylinders, also perform a movement according to their vertical, so as to remove dirt, also in the internal points of the containers. External wash is guaranteed by nozzles fixed to racks in stainless steel. All functions are controlled by an onboard programmable computer. The tank (selectable from xxx litres), is constituted by a central compartment which collects the dirty water and two side compartments, which host the clean water. All compartments are fitted with baffles. The wash chamber is formed by panels in stainless steel applied to a steel structure. The dirty water, collected in the wash steps, once filtered, is transferred to a specific part of the tank by means of a special pump. The system is completed by a lifter in stainless steel, able to handle bins and containers from 120 to 1,100 litres. (EN840). The standard version of the bin washer CW-RL uses cold water. On request, it is available a hot water version, provided with burner and boiler.

Key Benefits

- Medium/large rear bin washer, usable with chassis with 10 t - 18 t. GVW.
- Washing chamber and tank entirely manufactured in stainless steel.
- Possibility to provide versions with cold or hot water (with onboard boiler).
- Possibility of adjusting the wash times and the amount of water used.
- Internal/external wash of bins and containers from 120 litres to 1,100 litres (EN840).


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