The bin washer FARID CW-RL MINI is a rear bin washer, usable on 7.5t – 8.0 t GVW chassis, that, despite its small size, is able to realise, with the same precision and rapidity, works traditionally carried out by means of greater dimensions. In the same way, just relying on its limited dimensions, it is able to operate in situations of difficult accessibility (typically in old town areas) in conditions of great manageability. CW-RL MINI is based on a 2,400 litres clean water tank, in stainless steel with inner baffles. The washing is done internally by two hydraulic rotation heads, while the outer one is controlled by fixed racks, equipped with nozzles which spray pressurized water with a preset opening angle, so as not to disperse the water jet where it is not necessary. The tank, with a parallel piped shape, is constituted by a central compartment which collects the dirty water and two side compartments, which host the clean water. The dirty water, collected in the washing steps, once filtered, is transferred to a specific part of the tank by means of a special pump.
The high pressure jet is made with a special pump with ceramic pistons, that can reach 150 bar. The coupling and tipping device of the containers, also made of stainless steel, is able to handle bins and containers from 120 to 1,100 litres. On request, there is a hot water version, provided with burner and boiler.

Key Benefits

- Very compact bin washer, useful for limited use or particular situations of service, such as old town areas and areas with difficult accessibility, able to provide internal and external wash of bins and containers up to 1,100 litres.
- Medium/large rear bin washer, usable with chassis with 7.5 t – 8.0 t. GVW.
- Washing chamber and tank entirely manufactured in stainless steel.
- Possibility to provide versions with cold or hot water (with onboard boiler).
- Possibility of adjusting the wash times and the amount of water used. Internal/external wash of bins and containers from 120 to 1,100 litres (EN840).


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