PN is the originator and founding equipment in this range of compactors, as well as the most developed and high performing solution. Suitable for chassis from 12 t to 18 t of GVW (with versions from 10,13 and 15 cubic metres capacity). The unloading system is common to the entire PN series range, but in this version the ejection plate system includes a hydraulically driven “sliding plate scraper”, that again allows the complete removal of the waste in the hopper during waste ejection. Robust guideways ensure ejection even with materials particularly heavy and compact. PN, thanks to its structural and compaction features, has nothing to envy to top category refuse compactors, since it can achieve compaction ratios of 6:1. PN is therefore the “top” of this range which, introduced by Farid several years ago, has established itself in many markets, thanks to its special one-piece body features. For satellite waste transfer operations, only the 10 and 13 cubic metre versions allow the successful dimensional docking interface with a suitable “mothership” refuse collection vehicle. Therefore, while providing high performance waste collection duties, the PN also comes with satellite docking function capability which enables the vehicle to enter most problematic old towns and difficult urban areas without any difficulties.

Key Benefits

- High strength steel body, one-piece smooth sided structure (10 m3 and 13 m3 versions as standard) that allows perfect sealing and containment of liquids produced by packing.
- The 15 m3 version comes as a ribbed body but can be specified with optional smooth side flat panels.
- Satellite vehicle capability (10 m3 and 13 m3 versions only).
- Compact and easy to manoeuvre vehicle, suitable for situations of difficult accessibility.
- Packing achieved with a conventional ejection plate and compaction ratio up to 6:1, achieved with carriage plate and ejection plate.
- Unloading of compacted refuse by ejection plate.
- A hydraulically powered scraper plate is incorporated in the ejection plate assembly and ensures a clean swept hopper during ejection and discharge of waste.
- Option to install a Farid integral comb bin lifter for lifting containers/bins from 120 litres to 2000 litres.
- Suitable for chassis from 10 t to 18 t GVW.


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