The smaller ‘mini’ PN DR represents the lighter version of the PN range with which it shares the same packing system and the single body structure for refuse unloading. This version is intended for those areas of collection which require small chassis with very limited dimensions and GVW (from 6.5 t to 10 t GVW). Therefore, it represents the ideal solution for those situations which require an extreme compactness of the vehicle yet requires optimum packing performance and structural characteristics higher than those of the alternative mini-compactors. The packing system of the PN DR is based on a classic well proven system with carriage plate and articulated sweeping plate. During loading, the ejection plate applies a controlled back pressure that guarantees high payload performance. As for the entire PN range, the compactor eases loading of the refuse containing within the minimum limits of the hopper and rave rail, in operation with the tailgate either closed or open, and with controlled semi-automatic movement.

Key Benefits

- High strength steel body, one-piece smooth sided structure that allows perfect sealing and containment of liquids produced by packing.
- Compact and easy to manoeuvre satellite vehicle, suitable for situations of difficult accessibility.
- Packing achieved with a conventional ejection plate and compaction ratio up to 4:1, achieved with carriage plate and ejection plate.
- Unloading of compacted refuse by ejection plate.
- A moving lower scraper plate is attached to the ejection plate assembly and ensures a clean swept hopper during ejection and discharge of waste.
- Option to install a Farid integral comb bin lifter for lifting containers/bins from 120 litres to 2000 litres.
- Suitable for chassis from 6.5 t to 10 t GVW.


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