The Farid MK2 mini compactor provides versatility and high performance required by collections in urban areas where difficult traffic and road conditions are experienced. The body and the loading hopper constitute a single, one-piece body, built with the use of high strength tensile steels. Compaction is accomplished via a conventional ejection plate and consists of a slide carriage and an articulated plate. The compaction mechanism comes with connecting rods and rocker arms which adjusts the inclination of the slide during its operating movement. Refuse unloading takes place by means of an ejection plate, so the mini compactor MK2 is as an ideal satellite vehicle, allowing easy unloading of waste collected directly into the loading hopper of a “mother ship” vehicle. This mini compactor eases loading of the refuse which is suitably contained within the limits of the body rave rail area, working in operation with the opening tailgate, either closed or opened, and with controlled semi-automatic movement.

Key Benefits

- High strength steel body, one-piece structure, externally ribbed that allows perfect sealing and containment of liquids produced by packing.
- Compact and easy to manoeuvre satellite vehicle, suitable for situations of difficult accessibility.
- Packing achieved with a conventional ejection plate and compaction ratio up to 5:1.
- Compaction cylinders located in the protected area outside of the loading hopper.
- Unloading of waste is by ejection plate which completes the discharge of both the compacted refuse and of any liquids inside the body.
- Option to install the Farid integral comb bin lifter for containers/bins from 120 litres to 2000 litres.
- Usable on 10 t to 12 t GVW. chassis.


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