The compactor MK1 is a larger version of the Micro tipping type body and is totally suitable for satellite vehicle operation. It is characterised by its small size whilst at the same time produces extraordinary performance. The MK1 is able to satellite dock with larger refuse vehicles, transferring its waste into the “”mothership vehicle””.
The mini compactor MK1 is equipped with a specific integral bin lifter manufactured by Farid, and is comparable in terms of performance and speed with devices used on larger refuse collection vehicles. This bin lifter can also be provided with an optional bag lifter or slave bin/s. The packing system consists of a sliding carriage plate plus sweeping plate for optimum loading and weight distribution. During waste unloading process, the packing system inverts its cycle to ease the escape of the waste. It can be provided with a single approved rear footboard.

Key Benefits

- Rugged structural one-piece body closed at the top by an upper roof section that considerably increases its structural strength.
- Ideal for "door-to-door" collection modes in particularly in narrow and tight space urban areas.
- Perfect sealing and containment of liquids deriving from the collection or produced by compaction.
- Compaction system with moving carriage plate and sweeping plate.
- Compaction ratio up to 4:1. Discharge of waste is by tipping.
- Integral bin lifter for bin or container volumes ranging from 120 litres to 1,100 litres, with option to also supply a bag lifter or slave bin/s.
- Usable on chassis between 5.0 t. and 7.5 t GVW.


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