The rear loading mini compactor MINIMATIC body represents a truly versatile and interesting choice in the collection of many different waste streams. Featuring small dimensions, the MINIMATIC comes with a conventional ejection plate to discharge materials, and it can handle many types of waste streams from general refuse, recycling materials to heavy (organic) types. Although designed for chassis of small size, usually from 5.0 t to 8.0 t GVW, it can collect optimum payloads and has excellent load capacity. This mini compactor comes with an integral comb bin lifter manufactured by Farid, able to empty bins or containers from 80 l. up to 2,000 l. The MINIMATIC is a superb choice if satellite waste transfer operations are required, and for docking with medium to larger “mother ship vehicles”. Acting as a satellite vehicle it ensures the rapid transfer of waste into the “mother ship” vehicle by means of a conventional ejection plate, in absolute safety and without spilling any waste on to the ground.

Key Benefits

- Ideal for collections in narrow spaces and urban areas, even in situations where heavy refuse (mainly organic) is required.
- Single ‘one-piece’ body, robust and reliable, designed to last, without loss of liquids or refuse.
- Option of manual, hand loading operation with the lowered tailgate.
- Excellent compaction of the waste with packing rams outside the area of the hopper in a protected position.
- Easy transfer to “mother ship” vehicles thanks to a conventional ejection plate, without spilling of waste materials.
- Bin lifter for volumes ranging from 120 litres to 1,100 litres, with option to also supply a bag lifter or slave bin/s.


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