The side discharging POD version of the MINIMATIC allows the independent collection of two different waste streams with no cross-contamination. Rear loading is represented by a one-piece body which is the same specification as the standard version of the MINIMATIC and has the ability to collect various materials using compaction. An additional covered side loading POD compartment is located in the space between the rear of cab and front of the MINIMATIC body, resulting in the collection of a different waste stream of refuse. Fitted with an independent bin lifter for emptying small bins, the POD comes with no compaction mechanism. The discharge of this second type of waste is achieved through simple tipping of the POD compartment, from the side opposite to the loading side.

Key Benefits

- Capacity to manage two independent streams of refuse, one compacted in the rear MINIMATIC body chamber and another uncompacted in the POD chamber.
- Possibility to unload each waste stream independently of each other.
- Vehicle is compact and highly manoeuvrable and is totally suitable for older urban areas with difficult to reach properties or buildings.
- Simplistic reliable and durable system.


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