The Micro features a fully sealed one-piece high tensile steel body construction for high strength with guaranteed no leakages. The body ejects and discharges waste by tipping and is designed with extreme versatility to the needs of door-to-door collections. It is compact and very manoeuvrable; an ideal solution where restricted access is a problem and excellent manoeuvrability is required. The packing system composes a well-structured packing plate operated by means of two connecting rods, which provide excellent performance with all types of waste collected – even with the lightest waste stream. The conical shape of the body, stiffened by ribbed reinforcement structures, ensures structural strength and excellent ease of unloading. The proportional electronics, which controls the lifter, minimizes the stresses when emptying bins and containers, even when fast unloading. Unloading of waste is by tipping, carried out by means of a single telescopic ram and supported by two stabilizing feet to ensure maximum stability, ensures complete discharge of waste materials and residual liquids collected. Suitable for tipping into skips, rolonof containers and satellite discharge operation

Key Benefits

- Rugged structural one-piece body closed at the top by an upper roof section that considerably increases its structural strength.
- Ideal for "door-to-door" collection modes in particularly in narrow and tight space urban areas.
- Perfect containment of liquids deriving from the collection, packing and transport – guaranteed no leakages.
- Farid integral bin lifter for volumes ranging from 120 to 1,100 litres capacity, with the option to supply a bag lifter or slave bin/s. Compaction ratio up to 3:1.
- Discharge by tipping.
- Usable on chassis between 5.0 t. and 7.5 t GVW.


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