The new PLUS range of FMO represents the perfect synthesis between experience and search for new solutions applied to the collection operation to maximize profitability and efficiency. The design uses electronic and hydraulic components of latest generation, to ensure top class results, but at the same time a long life of the equipment and full compliance with the safety standards. The container lifting systems, based on the classic hydraulic actuator, which has always characterized the FMO model of Farid, not only guarantees very fast coupling, emptying, re-depositing times, but also a smooth movement, thanks to the use of electro proportional solutions which replace the legacy “”on-off”” operating logics. This ensures not only a longer life of the vehicle, but it also guarantees a greater useful life of the collected containers, reducing shaking and vibrations and consequently wear and damage. The range has numerous variants, suitable for being mounted on two, three, and four axle chassis with GVW between 18 t and 32 t. Even if it guarantees high efficiency and perfect, complete control of operations, the compactor FMO PLUS features user friendly controls.
The structure and the solutions adopted ensure easy access for maintenance tasks of the various components subject to wear and, via the on-board computer, the full and timely suggestion of recommended maintenance plans, in order to maximize the service life of the vehicle.

Key Benefits

- Top class lifting/compaction speed, but at the same time smooth, controlled movements and very low noise emissions during operation.
- Perfect synthesis between consolidated solutions and innovation: speed - high payload - modularity - safety - control - efficiency - durability.
- Container coupling and rotation movements guaranteed by a hydraulic actuator with continuous, smooth movement.
- Electro proportional movements - Arms moving from below (the risk of damage to the containers is avoided).
- Perfect control of the operation means - easy maintenance.


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