The front loading Euro Half Pack is a highly efficient waste collection equipment, it is robust and efficient and can handle containers up to 3,630 Kg thereby providing the best lifting capacity in its category. The Euro Half Pack is bench marked by a standard of absolute robustness and safety, benefiting from the many years of front end loader vehicle experience of Hillend Engineering. The completely automatic gathering, levelling and unloading of containers reduces the risk of spillage of material and of damage to the containers. The Euro Half Pack front end loading equipment requires only a single person/driver operator, which makes it extremely quick in operation and with intelligent full pack compaction during travel it ensures very high productivity rates. The standard configuration and body with various hopper size options means flexibility of mounting on either 3 axle or 4 axle chassis cab variants. Robustness of the design means the equipment can work in arduous and demanding areas, and be able to do it for a long time, thus ensuring a long service life and low operating costs. Compaction is accomplished through two 150mm cylinders which also perform final discharge of the waste. Control of operations is through Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) electrical system and diagnostic modules. Connections of electrical and electronic components are operated via CanBus lines. The upper top door options are available as sliding, rear hinged, or side opening variants, and are equipped with anti-spillage guards. Fixed or adjustable arms/forks width are available. Body capacity of 21.4 m3 and hopper capacity of up to 9.0 m3 are available. Additional volumetric capacity can be obtained by specifying one of the optional larger tailgates. A reverse cab guard and shield provides a high level of protection for the driver and operator.anti spillage guards. Automatic levelling and tipping of the container. Adjustable arms width. 21 m3 body capacity and 9 m3 hopper capacity. Possibility of an additional capacity obtained via a set of oversize tailgates. Reverse cab shield, highly protective for the means and the operators.

Key Benefits

- A state-of-the-art, but at the same time proven and reliable equipment, with over 20 years of operational experience.
- Optimised for different types of chassis cab variants.
- Great strength and durability, with minimum stresses on the carpentry welding points.
- Maximum ease of emptying of larger containers without spillages.
- Minimal maintenance requirements and greater safety for operational and maintenance personnel.
- Secure closure of the tailgate with safety system against accidental opening.


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