Surface metallic box Dule Ton, available in volumes 1,800-2,400-3,000-3,800 litres, with inlets for the various types of refuse. In all the standard versions the depth is maintained constant, while the width that enables to achieve the different volumes changes. In this way it is optimized the space occupied on the roadway, offering a pleasant image of the series of containers, integrated in the urban context. Also available solutions with opening drum and a full range of accessories. Available solutions for electronic access control and cups. It is also available a solution with reduced depth (1.000mm) with volumes of 1,800 and 2,400 litres, that is intended for collecting locations positioned in heavy traffic conditions.

Key Benefits

- Metal container perfectly integrated into the DULE system.
- Range of outlets and openings available.
- Possibility of opening by means of a drum.
- System for fixing the container on the ground that prevents displacement in unsuitable position by the users.


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