The DULE SYSTEM has for some years been part of the Farid range, representing a further element to complete the range of high performance automatic compactors. This solution provides a complete range of collection elements: containers with different volumes, under-ground and over-ground, compactors with bilateral container collection system and a dedicated bin washer. The heart of the system is the container handling device ALPA12, which allows collection and bilateral emptying of curb side containers, either over-ground or under-ground, based on a normalised mushroom hook, corresponding to the European Standard EN13071. The system therefore, unlike other automatic systems, allows emptying containers placed the two sides of the roadway, with a single compactor for both positions. The system can be offered with a fixed compactor that is emptied by tipping, or, with a roll-off version, which has the possibility to interchange the compaction bodies thanks to a standard hook lift equipment. It is possible to offer both a weighing system, mounted on the hook, and six systems for the identification of the container, also associated with GPS tracking solutions of the container, which increase the efficiency of the service and the speed of loading, in addition to allowing the possibility to transfer collection data to the operating base

Key Benefits

- Robust, quick container gripping and handling device.
- Bilateral automatic collection of above ground containers, underground containers (UGC) or partly-underground containers, top lifted and bottom emptied (EN13071).
- Reduction of the maintenance costs of the container thanks to an opening movement from the bottom, without shaking and vibrations.
- It can be integrated in long distance transport systems of the refuse collected and via Hook Lift system (tractor + trailer).


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