Farid increases its sales of Dule System bilateral loading vehicles in the Argentinian market

Farid Industrie has exclusive rights for all markets outside of Spain on the bilateral range "Palvi Dule System", after the first sales of the system (collection equipment, containers, and binwasher) achieved some months ago in the city of Avellaneda (see photo),
It was recently awarded the supply of additional equipments and integrated containers for the Argentinian cities of Cordova and La Plata.
The characteristics and main features of the DULE system of Palvi were evaluated very positively. The resulting vehicle solution was to provide a modern, high performance bilateral system. This system meets the European reference standard (EN13071). The Dule system guarantees the customer full compatibility for any subsequent sales of containers and equipment not necessarily manufactured by Farid/Palvi, if they comply with the standard EN13071